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The International Association of Registered Financial Consultant is a non-profit credentialing organization of proven financial professionals formed to foster public confidence in the financial planning profession, to help financial advisors exchange planning techniques, and to give deserved recognition to those practitioners who are truly committed to ethical standards and continuous professional education.

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If you are an experienced and qualified financial professional (at least 3 years in financial industry) we welcome you to join IARFC to become an RFC in the Philippines.

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Registered Financial Consultant | Ralph Liew

 Entrepreneur, Business, Management Consultant, Trainer.    Has over 50 year’s work...

Registered Financial Consultant | Jeffrey Chiew

DR. JEFFREY CHIEWIARFC Asia Chair and Company director ... Jeffrey was Past President, N...

Registered Financial Consultant Edwin Morrow

Edwin  P.  Morrow CLU, ChFC, RFC® Chairman & CEO of IARFC IARFC Financial P...

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Registered Financial Consultant

We Invite Inquires and Membership 

If you are an experienced and qualified financial professional (at least 3 years in financial industry) we welcome you to join IARFC to become an RFC in the Philippines.


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Registered Financial Consultant – The Global Designation

   Financial Planning is the number one job in the USA and fast catching up in the Philippines. Build a rewarding financial career in the Financial Service Industry with the RFC designation. RFCs work in different fields like banks, life insurance, mutual funds, stock markets, financial services and real estates. The RFC is way ahead of peers and competitors.    

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  History of the IARFC Financial Planning Philippines   The IARFC was established in 1984 as the International Association for Registered Financial Planners, lead by the first president, Jack Gargan - a prolific…

Latest Blogs of the Registered Financial Consultants in the Philippines

  • You Become What You Always Do
    You Become What You Always Do What are you building on?  A dream house, gadgets, cars, jewelries that later on are sold or pawned due to illiquidity, to pay off credit cards on default? Are you building on debts for hospital bills to save life due to health failure?  Are you taking out loans for house repainting, home improvements, fly now pay later promos to satisfy whims and caprices?  Better put on financial disciplines before you find yourself in a hole that you yourself have dug. Amelia is a mother of 7.  She became a widow at age 44.  Her eldest then was a newly graduate…
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  • Financial Management Q and A
    Financial Management Q and A 1.    When did you become a financial adviser with Manulife?  I was coded in October 14, 2011 for both life and VUL. 2.    What made you take up the career? It was unplanned. I was in a crossroad of my life whether to continue working with a friend whom I was setting up a new business or seek employment. My mother who believes so much in insurance was the person who encouraged me to become an insurance agent.  Since she invests a lot and I am the one who oversees her money, she enticed me to receive the commissions from…
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  • The Colours of Money
    The Colours of Money Are you aware that money comes in various colours. Money uses can be segmented into four different types. In this article, Dr. Jeffrey Chiew talks about the four Colours of Money. The FIRST type is SERIOUS MONEY Serious money is money to be used for serious needs such as education, retirement, medical expenses, long term care and others. In this type of money, we are not too concerned with a high rate of return but a fair rate of return and at the time when it is needed most. Typically, the financial products used for this kind of purpose are…
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